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We want to hear from our listeners, so drop us a line. You can also send us a voice message (up to 20-seconds). Simply tell us where you are from along with your message and we may put you on the air! Band callouts for station ID are welcome as well.

If you are in a band, you can submit your music using this form so you can get your name out to a worldwide audience.  Please keep in mind that we will only accept submissions from artists that fit our hard rock and heavy metal format and will not consider submissions of poor audio quality or production, as we stream in CD quality.

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    Terms & Conditions: By submitting your music, you give NRM Radio the right to add it to our playlist. Your band's name and link will also appear on our Bands page. By you granting us the right to promote your music to a worldwide listening audience, it would be appreciated that you link back to us in return. Keep in mind that your potential fanbase may grow with each person who listens to NRM Radio. This also creates global awareness and a more close-knit atmosphere among the bands and fans, as it allows listeners referred by other artists to discover your music. We reserve the right to remove bands or various songs at any time without written or verbal communication. We don't believe in "pay to play" and will never charge fees of any kind for any reason other than pre-arranged written agreements between artists and NRM Radio for promotions such as but not limited to banner ads that may occasionally run on our website.
    We are highly supportive of the music scene in New England and firmly believe we cannot promote bands, shows, news, etc. without paying homage to the artists who have paved the way and made the scene what it is today. Therefore, we may play some bands who are currently inactive but to our knowledge still have music for sale on the web. However, this may not always be the case, Our Bands page serves as a resource for more information on each respective artist we play.
    Our merchandise is provided by Cafe Press for the sole purpose of bringing awareness to our station with the goal of expanding your reach. Your potential fanbase increases with each new listener we have.
    Royalties may be paid out to artists under certain conditions, including audience reach, and are directly provided by Radionomy.